Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blogs I like to keep track of.

Cafe Gorgeous
Important note
2 hours ago

Is there a shadow ?
Bracelet - At Last
5 hours ago

Debbi Baker
Leaves - A Fibre Postcard & Art Now For Autism
5 hours ago

Inner Earth Soaps
Soap Giveaway!
6 hours ago

Homemade Bath Products
Make Holiday Soaps: From Candy Corn to Peppermint!
6 hours ago

Genevieve's Blog - Ramblings at Fangorn
What have I been doing?
7 hours ago

Point of Interest!
Happy slip some zucchini on your neighbour's porch day!
15 hours ago

Making Marks
Making Cards
17 hours ago

Tuto modelage 101 tête
1 day ago

Soap and the Finer Things in Life
From Screen to Reality
1 day ago

CraftyGoat's Notes
New Craft Smart Clay at Michael's
1 day ago

Permission to Unwind
Time Crunch? Quick Crochet Book Bag
1 day ago

"Deer" Me!
1 day ago

Julie K in Taiwan
Friday Funnies – The witch
2 days ago

Meanderings by Julz
Premio Meme Award...
2 days ago

SoulCollage - I am the one who facilitates
3 days ago

Parole de pâte
Fruit d'hiver en plein été !
3 days ago

Beeswax atc's
3 days ago

Revive Holistic and Beauty Therapies - Natural Skin, Hair, Bath & Body Products
Homemade Neelibringadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil
4 days ago

Soapylove Daily Ditties
Hard at Work - For You! :)
4 days ago

Mill Lane Studio
Soy Silk Fusion
4 days ago

Annette Husband
Last Etched Metal Necklace
5 days ago

Inkaland mixed media altered art stamping
A peek inside
5 days ago

Julie's Blog - Nirvana
ACT Canberra!
6 days ago

Soapaholics Anonymous
The White Bucket Project
6 days ago

Perth Upmarket
How to wear a mustard bag
6 days ago

***Ooh la la, Artsy! Not!***
Thoughts of Sky and Water (and a little bit of sand, too)
6 days ago

Lomond Soap
New products
1 week ago

................POUR VOIR LA VIE EN ROSE............
1 week ago

Kylie Mell
Been a while
2 weeks ago

. . . . . . . . . . . . Noshings
Friday Funny...80's relapse
2 weeks ago

Delicious Art
More Cards From Michelle Zindorf's Class
2 weeks ago

Nat's Ramblings
Pink Frangi's
2 weeks ago

Kate Palmer's Rubber Stamp Reality
Vintage Virginia - Salted Background on Scrapbook Page
3 weeks ago

Skinflint's Blog
New Scent for Reed Diffusers
3 weeks ago

Soap Elation
1 month ago

Little House in the Suburbs
We've Moved!!!!
2 months ago

Barb's Art and Travel Diary
2 years on
2 months ago

The view from here
Funny Craig Ferguson Video
3 months ago

Dawnies Day
4 months ago

Sulea's Art Box
Yayyy it's finished
4 months ago

RIP Puppy Roxy Baby
5 months ago

Artisan Soap Aficionado
Obama Nation
6 months ago

Dansnark Art
ATC Shading Tutorial
7 months ago

Cupcake Candles (Gabbie's Blog)
cholesterol overload!
8 months ago

Ozzie's Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Recipes - Part 17
8 months ago

Rob Costain
Looking ahead
1 year ago

Sharon - {emeraldkitty}
Big Fat Etsy Post
1 year ago

Kristine & Grumpy return to Sahara desert in 2005.
Zebra Steaks yum
1 year ago

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My last post on this blog

Hi Everyone.
On 15 April 2008 I decided to close down this blog "Stampamajiggies" and move its contents to my regular blog: A Canuck in Oz
I had envisionned to have one blog for more "personal" things and one blog for "Art and Instructions", but this was too organised and went out the window!
So from now on, you can read everything I have to say on A Canuck in Oz.

See you there!!


Sunday, September 02, 2007